Mr Mok Shaowei (Mo Shaowei), Peugeot 308 owner – 9 Mar 2019

“My Dec 2018 Peugeot 308 was giving me a rattling sound recently and I have to reluctantly book it in for a corrective maintenance today. I was served by CSO Tan Wei Quan and despite his young age, he was professional in handling my case, ensuring that he knew what and where the rattling I was referring to. After a half a day anxious wait, he called to explain the issue and what are my available options, giving me an analysis of the situation and displayed forward thinking skills. I just wish to thank him and Peugeot’s technicians for being able to identify the problem. While some people’s visit to Peugeot’s workshop might ended up unpleasantly, mine was a pleasant experience. Well done team!”