Mr Mok Shaowei (Mo Shaowei), Peugeot 308 owner – 29 Dec 2018

“I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to Mr Victor of Peugeot Singapore. As a first-time car buyer, Victor’s sincere and honest attitude dissolves all the horror stories about empty promises and eventual disappointment that I’ve read online. Throughout the whole process from the first time we stepped into the showroom till the day of handing over the vehicle, Victor was responsive, friendly and provided updates on a very timely basis to quell all the anxiety that I faced. Victor emphasized that his service not only ends on the day of car delivery but will also continue to serve us after that and in his line, after sales is what will determine whether the car buyers go back to him; just for a peaceful and happy car buying experience. Thank you, Victor! I will definitely look for you again when I purchase my next car.”