Mr Loo Fook Poh Edward, Ford Mustang owner – 7 May 2019

“Hi Regent Motors, recently my mustang 2.3A bearing plate number SMJ3955T having brake lights problem with no brake light when main headlights turn on and signal light at aft RH showing brake and signal light flashing when lever selected to right turn. I called Liu from the Regent Ford warranty section being my car was last repair under warranty from his side. Without hesitation, he arranged to bring my car at the next working day and have the ford technical guy to look in the defect. Within that day, they trace the fault and corrected the multiple defect by replacing the RH light assy. I have gotten back my car and now the lights are working fine. I recommend Liu and his team for a good show award for the seamless process in identifying and repairing the defects in double quick time.  Thank you, Liu, once again.”