Dr Christopher Goh Kok Hean (Wu Guoxian), Peugeot 308 SW owner – 2 Jul 2018

“I recently sent my car, a 2017 Peugeot 308SW, for servicing for a squeaky rear axle. I was attended by Mr Christopher, from the service mechanic department. I would just like to feedback that after checking that the rear axle n suspension was all in good shape, a touch of lubricant spray was applied to the joints which completely solved the problem. My car is now “squeakless”. I would just like to extend my compliments to the servicing team for their efficient n honest job. To be frank, I have found my ownership time with Peugeot to be extremely pleasant. This should be why Peugeot is having a renaissance in sales in Singapore and worldwide. We, in Singapore, are too quick to complain and too short on complimenting others. I hope this serves as a moral boost for whatever its worth. Keep up the good work.”