I would like to compliment one of your sales officer , Ms Lynette Lim,for her excellent service she provided us from the day we stepped into ford. ……, she was so eager show us around …., she was so eager to show us the new titanium Ford Focus and explain every essential features of the car… We were so touched…!

….. Ms Lynette’s professionalism and ability to highlight and explain the benefit and between new and second hand car , her thought and analysis toward the various market jitters on the COV possible plunge cycle , quota etc , kept us in constant ponder & contemplating , helped in our decision and I’m now a proud owner of ford titanium. ….., she was very patient to go thru every features of the car once again and ensure all are understood . There was a lots of laughter throughout the conversation and I thought this is what I call great after sales service and she host us so well that made us feel just like VIP ! Btw , The car performance was excellent and had greatly exceeded my expectation . It was really value for money as commented by Ms Lynette !

Such a commitment to great passionate service is to be commended. You can be sure that I will continue to put my trust with ford for years to come. Thank you Lynette !