“My vehicle servicing at AutoFrance was due in October 2017. As my usual CSA is not available, I looked around for recommendations on the FB page. I found out that a CSA named “Joseph Tan Chit King” kept on showing up. I proceeded to book for his service. When I showed up at AutoFrance, I was met with a very friendly and cheerful chap, it is Joseph. He was very patient allowing me to highlight some issues I faced with my vehicle. He listened attentively and made detailed notes on the servicing form. It was the first time I saw a CSA taking notes in front of me. I left my vehicle with him and went off. The good service doesn’t stop here. He was extremely prompt in contacting me to update me on the status of the vehicle.

The vehicle was gotten back at the end of the day, having most of the issues rectified, except for one issue pending parts delivery. I even changed my original windshield wipers after he managed to convince me with his good sales talk!

While waiting for the parts, Joseph updated me regularly rather than letting me wait in vain. When the parts arrived, I checked in my vehicle with Joseph last week. He called me every morning to update me on the status of my vehicle. It was a very tight timeline to meet with the New Year holiday season as I need the vehicle this week. Despite going overseas over the holiday, Joseph followed up with me on my case. The commitment level of his service really made me felt well treated. A prolonged parts replacement job turned out to be not so frustrating with such good services provided by the CSA.

I managed to collect my vehicle after 4 days. I was so surprised to get a follow up message from Joseph today. It was the first time I received such message from a CSA. When the vehicle has been returned to the owner, there is no obligation to follow up, but superb service from Joseph!

A great staff deserved to be recognized, hopefully he can get the recognition he deserved! Good job Joseph Tan Chit King! Kudos to Peugeot and AutoFrance for having such meticulous and helpful staff! Thumbs up!”