“I would like to share my recent experience with one of your customer service advisor (Kelven Ma). I recently bought a second-hand Galaxy (which was still under warranty) as my wife was expecting arrival of a twin baby girls. I came to the service center with much anxiety after being told by outside mechanic that the gearbox could be leaking. To make the matter worst, I have also been reading many accounts of unpleasant experience with Regent Motors service center. Upon my first visit, I was surprised by the pleasant and positive attitude of Kelven. I explained my situation to him that I am very bogged down by my wife’s pregnancy and will not be able come in and out of the service center to sort out car problem. Upon understanding my situation, Kelven offer to conduct a thorough inspection and had also scheduled a follow up inspection to ensure any issue will be identify and sorted out as soon as possible. During both visits, Kelven were accommodating to my timing, and was pro-active in updating the inspection outcome via Whatsapp to lessen my anxiety. He is also very knowledgeable and is able to explain in a layman term how the outside mechanic was wrong about the leaking gear box. He has also given me a great relief when he explained to me some “symptoms of problem” I experienced were actually normal behaviors of the car.

I walk in to Regent Motors with a gloomy outlook, doubting my decision in buying a Ford. But Kelven has totally changed my perception and now I am keen to continue to with another Ford after my current car COE expired. Please share this with the management and keep up the service standard.”