“I am a person who seldom write in to praise or compliment on the level of service I received. But the service and help I received from Ford Service Adviser Mr Kelven Ma can’t go un-notice. I was unable to start my 2015 Ford Mondeo yesterday morning, I message Kelven on the problem I faced and he promptly reply me even it is 7am in the morning before his working hour.

Not knowing I can engage Ford 24-hour assist, I called for my own tow truck before I called Kelven and was faced with a major problem when I reached RM. The tow truck does not have enough power to pull the Mondeo up the ram and was stuck in the middle of level 2 and level 3 blocking off all traffic. Kelven ran up the ram and brought me a booster and try to kick start the car but the attempt failed. He didn’t give up, although I can see him sweating heavily and panting, he still tried to assure me that he will try to solve it. Again, he ran up the ram and bring another booster, he also brought along some mechanics to help. This time the car managed to start and problem was solved. The sense of urgency shown by Kelven was Phenomenal, I couldn’t express my appreciation in words.

The day started badly for me but because of Kelven, I am thankful because without the car breaking down, I won’t get to see such a touching effort from Ford service adviser. Even the tow truck driver came over and told me, what a service that was and he don’t see that at other agent. This isn’t the first time I am impressed with Kelvin professional attitude, he always called back to ask if the car is ok when I send in my car for servicing. Thumbs up for Ford for hiring an adviser like Kelven, a rare employee and his attitude his will be one of the reason that I will recommend Ford to my friends.”