“My experience with Jacqueline Lim has been a delight! When I was skeptical in Peugeot car after hearing bad episodes from previous owners, she waited patiently and provides the relevant information to convince me in getting the 3008. When she learnt that my old car was scrapped earlier and I was without transport, she helps to expedite delivery of the new car. Even though it was like a week before the estimated delivery, I really appreciate the efforts she is willing put forth. About 2 weeks after I took delivery, my car failed due to software issues, she quickly arranged a service date for me before she went on her leave/trip. She is always ready to help when it’s needed. Darren from customer service is also commendable. So far, my experience with these 2 persons has been good and it helps to put me at ease with my choice of Peugeot. Thank you.”