“Dear Regent Motors Management team, I am writing to compliment the great service level and professionalism that my service adviser, Max has demonstrated on many occasions. He has always been very patient and attentive in resolving all the issues that I faced.

Recently, I have sent my car in to fix minor rattling door panel issue. Although it has taken the team to finally nailed it on my 3rd visit, I have always find it very comforting knowing that my service adviser will always do his best to resolve it. Max has been very proactive in understanding the issue and has always do his best to update me on the progress.

I would also like to compliment the technical team on their high competency level to address this. Issue such as rattling noise is not easy to resolve and can be very challenging to locate the source.

I am glad that it has been finally addressed and I can now truly enjoy the great driving experience from my car. I am sure with such excellent supports, I will be able to have many more enjoyable years of ownership experience.”