I take great pleasure and time in putting up this letter of commendation to Mr. Kenson GOH Yi Quan, customer service advisor at Peugeot Alexandra. I have been a long client of Peugeot over 11 years. Each time, I have been well served.

However, with my recent visits to the Centre dated 11th, 14th, 18th -21st January 2016, have STOOD out SIGNIFICANTLY. I was being referred to Mr Kenson GOH as my service advisor. Mr GOH took great effort and patience in explaining the normal procedures and matters of the car. One knows he does this every day. Nothing is new…the procedures of car maintenance and servicing do not vary very much with each car.

But it was the way he managed his job, the way he took time to explain and take calls, and to return every call. And he wrote well and had great fluency in his written language. There was a politeness and formality in which he spoke and wrote which were outstanding. This I have to HIGHLIGHT, which I have not experienced in my visits.

Above all, his personal interest in his work – his clients, his initiative and how he carried himself, the way he spoke had much tact and knowledge which are praiseworthy. Mr GOH knows what it means to be in the service industry and he does it with a lot of pride. With this, I like the management to know of his personality and work ethics. These are assets to the organization of much esteem. And I feel it is important for any senior management to acknowledge the work by the very sincere employees who are the ground pillars. They are important.

I wish that, with this letter of commendation that Mr GOH be acknowledged for his work and ethics , be given a chance , and be considered for any job opportunity that will help him grow further, explore his abilities where he can continue to do the company proud. And do well.

I thank you for your attention and time, and trust in your management.