“Once again had a pleasant cum efficient day at Ford Service Centre. Arrived at 8.20am and was promptly served by SA Justin as he was covering for SA Max who is on leave. Max ensured Justin was updated about my car issues that needed to be rectify. Justin not only updated me regularly throughout the day on the issues that are being rectified and their completion but also managed to return the car back to me ahead of my expected time of 5pm. Impressive to all the team members involved. While passing by the showroom, even managed to get updated on the latest products and upgrades by my salesperson, Iris and showed genuine concerned for me and my family upon learning about my accident. My faith in the services rendered at Regent Motors has always been there thanks to a dedicated team of people like Iris, Justin and Max despite the flaws which I encountered w the car. Thanks Team RM for being so accommodating with an understanding attitude but hope pricing for after sales services and accessories can be more reasonable and competitive. You guys make the difference!”