“I am writing this time to feedback to you that I really appreciate Justin’s excellent service despite the countless problems I have been experiencing with my Ford Galaxy!

…. I just want you to know that despite having to deal with a very frustrated customer like me, Justin comes across as very professional, explaining to me patiently every time to enlighten me the cause of the problems. Whenever I encounter any issue with my car, I will text him and he will respond quickly, and help me fix an appointment. When he is too busy, he will get his colleague, Kelven, to attend to me but he will follow up and keep me informed of the progress. Besides this, what really stands out is that he will always call me after I take my car back, to ensure that the problem has been properly fixed. His follow-up service is excellent!
I feel I need to give you this feedback to ensure that you do your best to retain him to keep your customers happy and contented. This will definitely be good for the image of your company as well.

Thank you and best regards.”