“Mr Kelven Ma 的手机是24小时开放!我在发现仪表板出现讯号后马上联络Mr Kelven Ma,那天是星期天,我把仪表板的照片发给Mr Ma,他在看了照片之后做出判断,告诉我车子是系统有问题,暂时没事,让我安心驾驶。但为了安全起见最好是送往维修中心检查,当天我的手机通讯一直中断,但Mr Ma仍是耐心地回复我的询问,他的讲解让我安心继续把车从购物中心驾回家,之后于星期天晚上我将车送到维修中心,第二天由Mr Ma负责跟进。当天去取车时已是傍晚六点半,Mr Ma 还是非常耐心和专业地解释车子做了何种维修,并回答我…”

Google Translated version:
“Mr Kelven Ma’s mobile phone is open 24 hours! I immediately contacted Mr Kelven Ma after discovering the dashboard signal. Sunday was the day when I sent the dashboard photo to Mr Ma. He made a judgment after reading the photo, Tell me the car is a system problem, temporarily nothing, let me feel at ease driving.However, for the sake of safety is best sent to the repair center inspection, the day my mobile communication has been interrupted, but Mr Ma is still patiently reply to my inquiry And let me feel at ease to drive the car from the shopping center, and then on the evening night I will drive to the maintenance center, the next day by Mr Ma is responsible for the follow-up to the day when the car is late at half past six, Mr Ma is still very patient and professional to explain what kind of car repair, and to answer me … “