I am very pleased to write this letter of commendation for Jayden Zheng.

Even though Jayden was nursing a sore throat (which he was very apologetic about) he maintained a very pleasant and polite attitude throughout his time with us. He gave us sufficient personal space to look at the car in details ourselves without being intrusive but always staying close enough to approach and attend to us whenever we had any questions or need assistance.

Jayden paid great attention to all of our questions and took great care and effort to ensure any doubts that we have were all answered. Such exemplary service level continues even after we left the showroom. All my phone messages to Jayden were promptly replied to and mind you there are numerous of them and often at odd hours of the day.

While the Mondeo is an excellent car on its own merit, I have no qualms to say that Jayden is the deciding factor for us to confirm the Mondeo as our choice car. Simply put, his genuine warmth and excellent customer centric service sealed the deal for us. The proof of the pudding comes after we signed the sales agreement on 24 July 2015.

While I was half expecting his service level to drop taking into consideration that he has ‘closed’ the deal with us, I was pleasantly proven wrong. Not only did he maintain his already high service level, he frequently over delivers on what he commits. A good example to illustrate this is the lightning speed in which I can collect my car after the COE is secured. Jayden shared that the norm for car collection is about 14 working days after securing the COE. Guess what, he managed to get mine ready in an unbelievable 4 working days!

With Jayden, there isn’t a moment where I felt he wasn’t on top of the situation. He promptly kept me updated at various stage of the process, accede to lat minute requests with a smile, handled minor issue with calmness and take responsibility to sort them out, ensure everything goes smoothly with great professional commitment and more importantly protect my interest as a customer as if it is his own.