“Did my car servicing over the weekend where I specifically selected Bernard as my CSO. He was the only CSO who left a deep impression for the impressive customer service I received there when I had my car servicing with Quicklane for my previous vehicle. When his name was one of the CSO I can select from the Peugeot online service appointment, it was an obvious choice.

He was very patient in explaining all the warranty coverage for my Peugeot which I was uncertain of, and assured that my vehicle is in good hands. While I waited at the lounge area for the servicing to be completed, he approached me and said that his engineer has found some issues. As Saturday was a half working day for the staff, he said i might have to come back on a weekday for the repair. Nevertheless, he still asked the engineer to try to repair within the short time frame.

Of course when I receive back my vehicle at the end of the half working day, the issues were fully rectified. Thanks Bernard for the coordination in ensuring the repair works finish during my servicing period, else I have to make a 2nd trip down to Peugeot again. A much smoother ride after the servicing! Great job!

Highly motivated and committed CSO Bernard! Thanks to Peugeot for the great ride and customer service!”