“I am writing in to compliment the wonderful service rendered to us by sales consultant Jimmy She. We walked into the Ford showroom on the 12th February 2017 and was greeted by Jimmy. We expressed our interest in Ford Fiesta and he patiently introduce the car to us. The entire sales experience was very satisfactory. After my hubby test driven the car, we were interested to know more about financing the car. Jimmy went through with us and clarify our doubts. Jimmy allowed us to think through and had time to consider our choice. He is very patient and knowledgeable.

We are also very impressed with his efficiency and responsiveness. 4 days after securing the COE, we finally got hold of the car. On the day of car delivery, we were slightly late due to poor weather and traffic conditions. Despite the fact that the showroom was closing soon, Jimmy puts in effort to go through the car with us patiently. He even help us apply for transfer of season parking as we were unsure how to drive.

We are enjoying every minute of the ride now. We hope the management will convey the message to Jimmy. He is indeed a gem with Ford.”