Mr Keith Woo Kheng Khai, Peugeot 3008 owner – 7 May 2020

“On 5 May 2020, I couldn’t start my Peugeot 3008 and I called your 24-hours Assist Service to arrange my car to be towed to your workshop for repair.

At first I was quite disappointed after your staff, Mr. Wei Quan, told me that the repair work can only be done after the circuit breaker ends and I have to leave my car at your workshop till 1 June 2020. I was unhappy at that time not because of the circuit breaker restriction that forbids AutoFrance from repairing my car as I fully understood the current COVID-19 situation. I was unhappy because your 24-hours assist service did not inform me during the initial call that the circuit breaker restriction also applies to your 24-hour emergency service…..

Thankfully, Mr. Wei Quan, understand my concern and made arrangement for your authorized tow service to have my car battery replaced so that I can collect my car on 7 May. With all the restrictions during this difficult period, I am very happy that your staff, Mr. Wei Quan, went the extra mile to help your customer in solving their problem. Well done, Wei Quan! ”