Peugeot Diesel Range Has Arrived

Peugeot has long held a special interest towards diesel. In1959, it first launched its diesel-powered 403D, and in 1989, its first turbo diesel in the Peugeot 405. Subsequently, it achieved yet another astounding feat with the 908 HDi FAP,the diesel engined sports car that won the Le Mans 24 hour endurance race in 2009. Peugeot has consistently upstaged itself and reached innovative new heights in its diesel engine development. One of the pioneers that started the diesel boom in Europe, PSA Peugeot-Citroen Group has cooperated with Ford Motor Company to supply more than 16.5 million diesel engines over the past 13 years to Mini, Citroen, Ford, Volvo, Jaguar and Land Rover. It prides its diesel engines on efficiency, fuel economy and eco-friendliness, allowing the driver to enjoy a smooth drive by combining excellence and emotion, or basically, creating a car that feels good and is great.

Peugeot has always embraced eco-friendliness, never allowing this to be compromised in favour of driving pleasure. Diesel fuel was thus a calculated choice for Peugeot. An excellent lubricant, it increases engine lifespan and can take high mileage because it effectively retards evaporation. Diesel technology is also 30% more efficient than petrol, with lower CO2 emissions and longer engine lifespans.

HDi (High-pressure Direct Injection) Diesel

Peugeot was the first to fit diesel particulate filters as standard equipment on all diesel passenger cars in May 2000. HDi Common Rail diesel engines, coupled with advanced Variable Geometry Turbocharger & Intercooler, have made Peugeot vehicles ever cleaner, greener and pleasurable to drive than before, with 204 hp & 450Nm of torque produced from just 2.2 litre, offering 3.0 litre petrol engine performance.

All HDi engines have EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) which recirculates small portions of exhaust gas into the engine combustion chamber, reducing temperature in the engine, and lowering nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions as burning is more complete.

To ward off diesel-antagonists’ worries of thick, dark emissions, Peugeot’s patented FAP (Filter a Particule) filter cleans soot from the diesel engine. Peugeot’s FAP system, invented in 2000, reduces soot particle emissions from diesel engines by 99.9%. Today, this technology permeates almost all of Peugeot’s diesel engines, complementing the advantages of HDi technology, working in tandem to protect the environment. The FAP works in three phases. In the first phase, soot particles are retained in a porous-structured, silicon carbide filter. During the regeneration phase, these particles are burnt off at high temperatures after the vehicle has run for several hundred kilometers, in an automatic and perfectly imperceptible process.

Thanks to its extraordinarily green performance, the FAP system is now equipped on all of Peugeot’s Euro 5 HDi passenger car models locally. All Peugeot HDi models have self-regeneration systems and a fuel additive injector, coupled with a self-cleaning FAP system. This system promises to be greener, more efficient, and has no issues with diesel pumped in ASEAN countries.

Together, these features enables the large 508 GT 2.2A HDi sedan & SW to achieve up to 17.5km/litre (EC combined cycle) or 1,260km on a single tank of fuel.

e-HDi Diesel

On top of its efficient HDi technology, all 1.6 e-HDi diesel configurations are equipped with the marque’s Micro Hybrid Stop & Start system, which improves efficiency and emissions by up to another 15%. e-HDi micro-hybrid technology includes a stop & start system which cuts off the engine from running when the vehicle is stationary and restart automatically when moving off. Its e-booster enables near-instantaneous engine restart time of 400 milliseconds. An electronic reversible starter-alternator management system allows regenerative braking,recovers lost energy and is more efficient. All e-HDi models come with 6-speed EGC (Electronic Gearbox Control) gearbox with peddle shifts, whereby its automated manual gearbox promises efficient performance and low fuel consumption.

Together, Peugeot’s 1.6 e-HDi produces up to 115hp & 270Nm of torque to deliver effortless performance. With the inception of its new diesel range, Peugeot recreates urban mobility again, allowing eco-friendly innovations to become part of our daily life. Book a test-drive today and feel the difference.

Peugeot’s diesel range is now available in Singapore on 7 Peugeot models:

  • 1.6 e-HDi – available on the 308, 3008, 5008 & 508/508SW, with CO₂ emissions as low as 98g/km (qualifying for up to $20k CEVS rebate) from February 2013.
  • 2.2A HDi – available on the 508 GT & 508SW GT, with CO₂ emissions from 150g/km (qualifying for $5K CEVS rebate) from February 2013.

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